This quiz is a good way to establish a Self-Compassion. It will appear again at the end of the course.

Q1. When I fail at something important to me I become consumed by feelings of inadequacy.

Q2. I try to be understanding and patient towards those aspects of my personality I don’t like.

Q3. When something painful happens I try to take a balanced view of the situation.

Q4. When I’m feeling down, I tend to feel like most other people are probably happier than I am.

Q5. I try to see my failings as part of the human condition.

Q6. When I’m going through a very hard time, I give myself the caring and tenderness I need.

Q7. When something upsets me I try to keep my emotions in balance.

Q8. When I fail at something that’s important to me, I tend to feel alone in my failure

Q9. When I’m feeling down I tend to obsess and fixate on everything that’s wrong.

Q10. When I feel inadequate in some way, I try to remind myself that feelings of inadequacy are shared by most people.

Q11. I’m disapproving and judgmental about my own flaws and inadequacies.

Q12. I’m intolerant and impatient towards those aspects of my personality I don’t like.

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