About David Hobart

David Hobart

David is a performance coach with a specialist background in investment management. He has been a trader and hedge fund manager since 1994, where managing risk through uncertainty has informed the development of his coaching programs.

David works with executives and professionals whose decisions have consequences, whether human or financial. He has been coaching since 2006.

For a full CV, please see his LinkedIn profile.

David’s Core Purposes

To Improve Performance

Performance improvement optimises outcomes. A 5% improvement in decision making can have a meaningful impact on medium to long-term performance.

To Facilitate Change

Facilitating enduring behavioural change requires an alignment of beliefs with the desired outcome; this becomes the mandate upon which change can occur.

To Enhance Wellbeing

Improving self-awareness illuminates biases and attachments which inhibit objective decision making.

See David’s Self-CARE program.

Coaching Philosophy

Coaching is about building resilience, strengthening personal and professional competencies and improving consistency of outcomes, while managing unseen risks within your team.

A good coach has empathy, self-awareness and humility, along with a strong technical grasp of the field of endeavor.

Most importantly, a coach must have a primal drive to draw out the best in people.

David’s Process

David’s process follows a developmental approach and can be summarised as: