Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Ross Israel


In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ross Israel, Head of Global Infrastructure at QIC. Ross and his team manage over AU$14B in assets such as ports, roads, airports, water, electricity, gas and healthcare.

Investing in unlisted long-duration assets like infrastructure requires such a nuanced view of risk and a long, historical perspective on politics and economics; all of which Ross has in spades.

During our conversation, Ross shares how he and his team have managed their investments through this Covid-19 period, which you can imagine owning roads and airports, has presented some challenges.

I learned so much during our chat about a style of investing and an asset class that I knew very little about, yet I found the principles that Ross talks about are so relevant to all forms of investing. I hope you find our conversation as interesting and as educational as I did. Enjoy.

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