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Self-CARE Program

To perform at our best, whether on stage, on the sporting field, or in a sales meeting, we want to be free of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of our future performance. Imagine performing without the fear of failure or the debilitating pressure of expectation, rather with a sense of joy and gratitude discovered in the present moment.

The self-CARE program provides tools for clearing emotional attachments on-demand. Think of the output from this process as an emotional reset button – you’ll have access to a means of clearing any emotional turmoil obstructing your path to peak performance.

David is a performance coach with a specialist background in investment management. David works with leaders and peak performers across multiple disciplines.

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Taming your Inner Demon

We all have an inner critic. Its impact varies for each of us, depending on its volume and assertiveness. Having awareness of negative thought patterns during any high-performance endeavour enables us to build strategies to mitigate their effects. That you are susceptible to negative thoughts simply means you’re human; it’s how you manage them that…

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Hidden Benefits of Feedback

In my self-CARE program, one of the exercises embedded in the self-awareness module relates to feedback. Feedback provides a mechanism to gauge how we perceive ourselves relative to how we are perceived by others. For most of us, the narrower this perception gap, the more in tune we feel with the people around us. Having…

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Losing my Macro Identity

Looking out the window toward the almost silent port of Hong Kong, I was waiting for my appointment to pitch to a multi-family office. My hedge fund had a solid three-year track record, having been short markets during the global financial crisis (GFC). It was April 2009. I had squared up my short positions in…

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