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Self-CARE Program

To perform at our best, whether on stage, on the sporting field, or in a sales meeting, we want to be free of anxiety caused by the uncertainty of our future performance. Imagine performing without the fear of failure or the debilitating pressure of expectation, rather with a sense of joy and gratitude discovered in the present moment.

The self-CARE program provides tools for clearing emotional attachments on-demand. Think of the output from this process as an emotional reset button – you’ll have access to a means of clearing any emotional turmoil obstructing your path to peak performance.

David is a performance coach with a specialist background in investment management. David works with leaders and peak performers across multiple disciplines.

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Being Responsible

In our democracy, we rarely expect our politicians to be truthful. Whatever the societal challenge of the day, we vote for the politician and the party with the best promise of salvation. As the inevitable failure to deliver on those promises arrives, we express faux outrage at the shock of it, but generally accept the…

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Being consistent and reliable

My first business was at university, where a friend and I sold clothing merchandise at sporting events. This business started simply. Win the contract, draft designs, order blank stock, send to printers/embroiders, pick up ready stock ahead of event, set up and sell at event, pack up and buy carton of beer on the way…

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The Paradox of Certainty

Having been a trader and investor for much of my professional life, living with uncertainty has been part of the territory. Managing risk requires acceptance of uncertainty, for within uncertainty lies opportunity. The future is uncertain and its expression can be non-linear. Despite this, we tend to extrapolate the recent past, embedding an expectation of…

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When to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em.

We have all heard tales of success where the entrepreneur overcomes all odds and refuses to give in, despite people and circumstances shouting at them to quit. They persist, fight, scrape, hustle and somehow push through and become the success they are today. However, we rarely hear stories of those entrepreneurs who folded a failing…

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