When making decisions that have consequences, whether human or financial, it is important to view current circumstances unobscured by an emotional filter derived from past mistakes.

In the investment world, we have all made decisions that have led to losses. Even if these decisions are made within a sound investment process, they can at times leave us in a place of ruminative reflection, which can negatively impact on future decisions.

The self-CARE process provides tools for clearing emotional attachments on-demand. Think of the output from this process as an emotional reset button – you’ll have access to a means of clearing any emotional turmoil obstructing your path to clear decision making.

It consists of four parts: Self –

  • Compassion
  • Awareness
  • Regulation
  • Expression

The process provides on-demand tools to:

  • Free your mind from attachments, enabling you to view the world as it is, not as you wish it to be.
  • Remove emotional baggage from present circumstance. Past experiences leave emotional residue. It is often this residue that colours our view of the world.
  • Make decisions based on the reality of the present and the future that you’re creating. Decisions can be informed by the past, but not dictated by it.
  • Experience the joy of the living moment. Knowing you are clear of the past is often expressed through an overwhelming experience of gratitude. When gratitude is all that is left, then you know your emotional reset button has been pressed.

David developed the self-CARE program after 25 years of exploration of the impact of emotion on decision making in the face of uncertainty. All of the modules and exercises within the program are supported by academic research. The program is delivered in workshop format and complemented with an on-line curriculum.

To enquire about the self-CARE process, please contact David at email@davidhobart.com