In the last topic, we defined 5-6 of our highest values. The remaining exercises in the self-regulation module will focus on our values in order to guide our actions or behaviour.


Pick one of your chosen values. Think about what action or actions you can take today and this week that align with this value. For example:

Value: Spirituality

Action: I will take a few minutes, three times a day to be mindful and to contemplate the wonder and mystery of the world around me.

Benefits: Remember how it felt when you did the Feedback exercise in the self-awareness module. How much of a mismatch did you experience between your self-perceptions and the perceptions of your partner regarding your communication? If you had a wide gap, how did this feel? I’m sure it was a little unsettling. When we act in a manner inconsistent with our stated values, this can leave us with a similar unsettled feeling. If we spend little or no time on the things we value most, we feel disconnected with our core sense of self, leaving us feeling a heightened sense of internal discomfort.

In this exercise, we are simply training our minds to be conscious of our values in a chosen activity. This brings your chosen value into your conscious awareness and by practising an action explicitly linked to that value, you will build a more resilient connection to your values in all of your daily goings on.

Do this same exercise for two more of your identified values. Don’t make the list too extensive; identify one activity that you can engage in today/this week that aligns with these values and be sure to complete these actions during the week. It is important that you practice this exercise before moving onto the next topic.