It is not uncommon at this stage of the program to experience some resistance to the discomfort that might arise as you build your self-awareness. Resistance can take many forms; it might be frustration, apathy, lethargy, indifference, or anxiety associated with confronting past experiences.

It is important to remember that there is no need to force our way into or through any discomfort that we might experience. What’s important at this stage is to sit with any discomfort, but not to try to transform it or do anything with it. We will find as we progress through the program that discomfort often provides a gateway or portal to breakthroughs of awareness and understanding. Seeking pleasure or distraction when confronted with discomfort is a common response which can hold us in repetitive cycles of behaviour which are not always productive.

Before we move on to the next set of exercises within the self-awareness module, it is worth taking a moment to re-visit the self-compassion exercise, Stretch and Breathe. Remember, this exercise is about physical nurturing; through stretching and massage, we are consciously focusing on being kind to ourselves. This self-kindness is a helpful tool as we progress from here though the program.

Please take a few minutes to revisit the Stretch and Breathe exercise.