In the previous exercise, we firstly observed our thoughts that pass through our mind and thought of them as clouds. Simply becoming aware of them and letting them move right on. We then looked at whether any of those thoughts were eliciting emotions in us, causing us to feel a certain way, which would typically lead us to respond in a certain way.

In the first part of this exercise, we’re going to extend that same “thought as clouds” exercise, but this time, instead of looking for thoughts or looking for emotions, we’re going to look internally and see what physical sensations we’re currently experiencing.

Importantly while practising this exercise, we don’t want to ascribe any meaning yet. All we’re trying to do is identify tension or other sensations within our physical body, where our body or parts of our body are experiencing something outside of normal. This will be a recurrent theme for this part of our physical awareness exercises. You may need to do this exercise a few times, until you become familiar with identifying what is going on inside your body.