Improve your investment performance

Self-CARE is a 30-day program that helps active portfolio managers make better decisions by managing their emotions

Making better decisions is the key to having a high-performing investment portfolio

Every portfolio manager knows that sustaining high returns over time demands a calm and confident state of mind.


You can’t afford to let the emotional stress and pressure of the investment world impair your judgement and hijack your decision making.


To be effective in the markets, you must train your mind to step outside and detach from emotion. 

But it’s easier said than done

Our inner critic tells us things like…

“You’ve sold at the low again you muppet!”

“You shouldn’t be managing other people’s money!”

Listening to this negative self-talk only heightens our stress levels and increases our aversion to risk.

And it leads to the two killers of portfolio performance; self-doubt and indecision.

When we beat ourselves up for past mistakes – such as selling at the lows – it only stirs up emotions and triggers sabotaging behaviours.

For example, you might hesitate to sell after a downgrade. Liquidity dries up and then you get stuck with an illiquid, outsized, losing position.

Acting on emotion is the equivalent of losing control. It’s like handing over agency to a lunatic.

Stress-induced emotions make objectivity elusive at market extremes – and it becomes tempting to start buying or selling outside of your process.

To improve your investment performance

Train your mind to be effective in the markets​

Self-CARE is the only performance coaching program made for portfolio managers by a portfolio manager.

You get all the strategies and tools you need to confidently make the right decisions and improve your investment performance over time.

It boils down to installing simple daily disciplines to ensure optimum decision making on a consistent basis.

Here’s how it works…



Practising self-acceptance relieves the pressure of judgement and expectations, allowing for clear thinking and creativity to emerge.



Enhanced self-awareness illuminates the early warning signs of sabotaging and addictive behaviours – such as distracting yourself with over-analysis or investor communications functions rather than looking at a losing market position and dealing with it.



Strategies for self-regulation break old habits and adopt productive new habits. Rather than avoiding the feeling of discomfort, we choose to embrace it and act in accordance with our values.



A new way of self-expression emerges, allowing you to remain calm and confident under pressure. Become clear on your strengths and enjoy bringing them to life.

To improve your investment performance


Making poor decisions outside of process are costly on a number of levels.

There are the obvious, short-term costs to performance…

But also the long-term costs of fund-raising delays due to the negative impact on performance track record.

Given the competitive nature of professional investing, the difference between good and great can be millions of dollars in fees.

How much longer can you afford to make decisions based on how you feel…?
Self-CARE program has two options…

Guided Coaching

$ 2200
  • Video Training 4 x modules 28 topics (takes 10-15 minutes per day)
  • Learning Resources
  • Email Support for 30 days (24h response)
  • Performance Coaching (3x private sessions with David)

Self-Paced Learning

$ 550
  • Video Training 4 x modules 28 topics (takes 10-15 minutes per day)
  • Learning Resources
  • Email Support for 30 days (2-3 day response)
  • Performance Coaching (3x private sessions with David)

Guided Coaching


Self-Paced Learning



Reframe your relationship with risk

Choose the Guided Coaching option and get a FREE Risk Management Review valued at $2000

Make better decisions by looking at investments as opportunities rather than as risks.

For guided coaching with a FREE Risk Management Review and improve your investment performance even faster

David will work with you privately to reframe your relationship with risk so you can begin thinking clearly and more creatively.

How to get started

Stop allowing your emotions to impact your performance under stress.

Enrol in the Self-CARE program now and enjoy the confidence that comes from a consistently high performing portfolio.

To improve your investment performance