Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager – Sydney

A partner and portfolio manager in single strategy hedge fund

Key areas of focus

  • Emotion regulation and stress management
  • Implementing more productive routines to reduce indecision
  • Risk management strategies for more consistent returns


Investment Bank Trader – London

Client manages a team of traders in multiple jurisdictions for a global investment bank

Key areas of focus

  • Systematizing trading edge
  • Developing coaching skills for managing team
  • Identifying leverage points to grow franchise business

Private Professional Trader – Sydney

HNW self-directed equity market investor.

Key areas of focus

  • Understanding performance drivers in strategy
  • Skills development: using data to highlight biases
  • Building positive routines

Fund Manager – Melbourne

Client experiencing pressure from being in a draw-down

Key areas of focus

  • Demarcating what can be influenced and what can’t. Being granular helps with clear thinking and next actions
  • Managing stakeholder expectations
  • Self-regulation

M&A Advisory – Sydney

Client runs a highly profitable boutique advisory business

Key areas of focus

  • Large profit increase in current year: mindset check to ensure no self-sabotage
  • Create an empowering context for business objectives: ensure it is congruent with values and long-term goals
  • Develop business strategy for year ahead

Client references available on request