Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Brook Monahan

Brook wave

In this conversation, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Brook Monahan, Founder and Managing Director of Mosaic Property Group, one of Queensland’s most awarded and respected residential property developers.

I’ve known Brook for 15 years and have watched him evolve and grow as a businessperson over that time. He is forever pushing himself and his team to standards that are uncommonly high. During our chat, we talk about the drivers that have fuelled his intensity and some of the lessons that he has learned over his 20 years in business.

What is remarkable is that Brook is only 43. With his relentless focus and drive, he has managed to squeeze more than one lifetime of business experience into the past 20 years. Given his youth and energy and his genuine reflective perspective, I think his next 20 years will be very exciting to watch.

I hope you find the conversation as invigorating and inspiring as I did. Enjoy.


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