Losing my Macro Identity

Looking out the window toward the almost silent port of Hong Kong, I was waiting for my appointment to pitch ...

Shhh to your Inner-critic

As a trader, fund manager and investor over the past 25 years, I’ve made more mistakes than I could care ...

Escaping the Noise

Mood is contagious. Measuring collective mood is difficult. As an old trader, my proxy for collective mood has been the ...

I’m stressed, so everything is a Mole that needs a whack!

As investment professionals, we’ve all heard managers referred to as “stopped clocks”, being right only twice a day. I was one such manager, being bearish for a good 10 years of my 25-year investment career. Every risk that I perceived was like a game of “Whack a Mole”, causing me to see only selling opportunities. Little did I know that my body’s physiological response to stress made it difficult for me to change my way of thinking. Understanding your body’s stress response mechanisms is an important factor in objective investment decision making.