Self-CARE: Self-Compassion Module

Self-Care starts with self-compassion.
Complete the self-compassion module for free and you'll immediately notice the difference in your self-talk. You feel freer, lighter and will be kinder to yourself and others.


What to expect:

When making decisions or interacting with others, it is important to view current circumstances unobscured by an emotional filter derived from past mistakes.
We have all made poor decisions. We’ve all had interactions where we wished we’d parked our ego at the door. These past missteps often leave an emotional residue, which seem to keep us repeating these past mistakes.
The self-CARE process provides tools for clearing emotional attachments on-demand. Think of the output from this process as an emotional reset button – you’ll have access to a means of clearing any emotional turmoil obstructing your path to clear decision making and egoless interactions.
The program is foundational to David Hobart’s performance coaching practice, where hedge fund managers, business owners and corporate executives use it to enhance communication and decision making in the face of uncertainty.