Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Stephen Moore


In this episode, I had a chat with Stephen Moore, ex-captain of the Wallabies; the Australian Rugby Union team. It was an enlightening chat around high performance culture and the balancing of high-performance imperatives with the values of respect and humility.

Interestingly, Steve’s drivers for success are framed by his team’s success. I found this both unusual and refreshing, for many high-performance focused people have a more self-focused perspective.

For those familiar with Steve’s rugby journey, you’ll remember his injury in his first Test as Wallaby Captain, which sat him on the injury bench for a year. Hearing how Steve coped with that setback was instructive and inspiring.

Steve now works for the North Australia Pastoral Company or NAPCo as their General Manager of Corporate and Commercial. When you listen to Steve through this episode, you’ll understand how his unique perspective from all that he has learned, is serving him well in his transition to corporate life.

It was a great pleasure chatting with Steve and I hope you enjoy the chat as much as I did.

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