Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Marty Rabjohns


In this episode, I have a chat with Marty Rabjohns about leadership. Marty was the Coxwain for the Australian men’s rowing eight for a number of years, culminating in his representation for Australia at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. For those not familiar with rowing, the Coxwain is the small person steering and barking orders at the crew and the good ones are like the captain-coach.

To be able to lead a group of alpha males at the height of their physical powers takes a powerful type of leadership, not a forceful type. Marty epitomizes the essence of this empathetic and powerful form of leadership.

In this conversation, we talk about how Marty brings out the best in others, how he resolves conflict in pressure situations and he provides some usable tools for drawing out performance at the highest levels, regardless of your discipline. It was a great chat. I hope you enjoy.

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