Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Jamie Nicol


In this conversation, the first in a series of conversations with some of Australia’s best investors and fund managers, I chat with Jamie Nicol, CIO and a founding partner of DNR Capital, a $6B Aussie equity manager based in Brisbane.

It was a broad conversation where we discussed the challenges in building his business over almost 20 years, as well as a chat about his investment process and how his team identifies quality businesses.

What I found really interesting throughout this conversation with Jamie, was his self-awareness and openness, through his willingness to share his strengths, but also his challenges and areas where he is looking to improve.

I finished this conversation feeling that luck has played only a small role in Jamie’s and DNR Capital’s success. He clearly has measure, humility, persistence, and discipline in sufficient stock that luck was only ever required at the margins. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

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