Beyond the Obvious – Episode with Daniel Want


In this episode, I talk with Daniel Want, Director and CIO of Prerequisite Capital Management.

If you’re interested in markets and macro-economics, this is a great chat. Daniel is a very nuanced thinker, as he is able to see unintended consequences as if they should be obvious to us all.

In this conversation, Daniel talks about how the world was positioned heading into the current crisis and the importance of this as context, in determining likely paths for economies and markets over the coming months and years.

Of course, all of the views discussed in this conversation are conjecture and hence general in nature, so needless to say, you shouldn’t take this conversation as personal advice.

It was a thoroughly thought provoking and educational chat with an investment manager that is navigating this current storm like a seasoned sailor. I hope you enjoy.

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Twitter: @danieljwant

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