Beyond the Obvious – Bitcoin & my Delusion of Grandeur


What is it about bull markets that leads to delusional behaviour? How can I immunize my thinking and behavior when I’m experiencing the collective delusions of the market?

In this episode, I talk about my embarrassing herd driven behavior during the Bitcoin boom of 2018 and the lessons that I learned on how to manage my emotional attachments around market extremes. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Book references during the episode:

Kindleberger, C. (1978). Manias, bubbles, panics and crashes, and the lender of last resort. S.l.

Mackay, C. (2002). Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds.. New York: MetroBooks.

About David Hobart

David is a performance coach with a specialist background in investment management. He works with investment professionals to eliminate all the obstacles to better investment performance.

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